Monday, December 14, 2009

Credibility of Scientists

Scientists must be held to a reasonable standard, in order for us to trust their work. Occasionally the work of a scientist, or group of scientists, comes into question. This article is about the work of some climate scientific studies being called to question.

For this project you should find some scientific discovery, link to the article and then write a paragraph that summarizes the article. Paragraphs should be at least three well constructed sentences.

Next you should find and link to an article about a different point of view on the same subject. You should then write a paragraph about which point of view you believe and why. You should include information about how you have decided that one point of view is better supported than the other.

You may not use the article cited above as one of your links, but you may discuss the same topic.

Make sure you put your ID and class section on your work. This project is due by midnight Sunday, 12/27. Remember that you need at least one project out of every two. If you did not do the previous one, you must do this one. If you do both projects one will count for extra credit.

If you have problems, email me at aphsbio at Make sure that you tell me what your problem was, and you can include your completed project.