Monday, May 17, 2010

Final blog project

This will be the final blog project of the year. For this project you have two options:
  1. You will discuss something that you found particularly interesting that you learned this year because of the class. This could be a fact you came across in class or something that you found through these blogs projects. You will can write about that here. If you like, you may link to some Internet pages that add to this information.
  2. You can start some review. You should find a topic from the year and put together a review sheet. This must be an original work, and cannot simply be a copy of material that is already out there. You may set up a diagram or flow sheet for your information. If you cannot easily digitize it, hand it into your teacher and I will get it done. You can also organize the notes for a particular section. This should not simply be a collection of facts, but should be organized in a way to facilitate understanding the information.
Please write this in a word processor first, and then when the spelling and formatting is good you can cut and paste it. If you have a ppt or other document that you want to post, intact, hand it in and I will prepare it for you. The grading for this project is open ended, meaning you can earn considerable extra credit, but will be based on effort. IT is fairly easy to notice work that took some time from things that are dashed off with consideration only for completion.

This project must be completed by Sunday 6/6/2010. If you completed the previous May project it will earn extra credit. If you did not complete the previous project, but do a particularly noteworthy job on this it also may earn some extra credit.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Science and scientists are always trying to expand their knowledge. While they are doing that they ofter also expand the boundaries of what might otherwise be called physical limits. These pages discuss some of these limits:

Hottest (click on #1)
oldest living
most dangerous animal

For this project you should find an article about some physical extreme, limit or exploration that you find interesting, link to that article and write a well constructed(5 sentence minimum) paragraph about it. Do not use an encyclopedia resource, instead find the people that were doing the research or a news article about them.

Make sure you put your ID and class section on your work. This project is due by midnight Tuesday, 5/18. Remember that you need to do either this or the next project. If you do both projects one will count for extra credit.

Spelling counts. Please do your project in a word processor and then cut and paste it into the comment box. Sloppy work really doesn't save you time, and it there are glaring spelling errors you will lose credit.

If you have problems, email me at aphsbio at Please tell me exactly what your problem was including any error messages.