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Science and scientists are always trying to expand their knowledge. While they are doing that they ofter also expand the boundaries of what might otherwise be called physical limits. These pages discuss some of these limits:

Hottest (click on #1)
oldest living
most dangerous animal

For this project you should find an article about some physical extreme, limit or exploration that you find interesting, link to that article and write a well constructed(5 sentence minimum) paragraph about it. Do not use an encyclopedia resource, instead find the people that were doing the research or a news article about them.

Make sure you put your ID and class section on your work. This project is due by midnight Tuesday, 5/18. Remember that you need to do either this or the next project. If you do both projects one will count for extra credit.

Spelling counts. Please do your project in a word processor and then cut and paste it into the comment box. Sloppy work really doesn't save you time, and it there are glaring spelling errors you will lose credit.

If you have problems, email me at aphsbio at gmail.com. Please tell me exactly what your problem was including any error messages.


  1. For this blog I chose a list published in 1994, of the 20 most addictive substances known to mankind. This was taken from a study in the book "Pot Politics; Marijuana and the costs of Prohibition" by Robert Gore and Mitchell Earlywine and studies by John Hastings of Health Magazine. The most addictive drug according to this list with a 99% addiction likelihood is oxycodone, a painkiller, and the least is methodone with no likelihood of addiction, which is a substitute for heroin. Although oxycodone is the highest rated with 99% it is ranked 5th under Crystal Meth (89.5%), Ice or Glass (92.5%), Crack (95.5%), and Tobacco (96.5%). I suspect this is the case because those 4 ranked higher than oxycodone have more reported deaths because of them.

    20 most addictive drugs


  2. For this project I chose a website that has composed the top ten most dangerous animals to humans in the world. I like this website because it seems to be a website of facts rather than opinions and also I have found it interesting to discover what animals cause the greatest threat to humans because obviously our planet is not just one with humans but rather many different species and this website shows the top 10 most dangerous ones. For every one of the ten animals there is a description of the animal, how many fatalities it is responsible for each year. Along with this it also gives where the animal is located, how most often the animal will kill and useful avoidance techniques. This website lists the top ten animals from ten down to one with the bear being ten, followed by the shark, jelly fish, hippopotamus, elephant, crocodile, big cats, scorpions, venomous snake and lastly the most dangerous animal in the world is the mosquito. The mosquito while often thought of as just an annoying pest is the most dangerous because of its ability to spread disease with great efficiency. The mosquito is responsible for an estimated 2-3 million fatalities a year and is located world wide but most harmful in Africa, Asia and North America. Avoidance techniques include Mosquito nets with DDT, as well as sprays and wearing light colored clothing in the evening. Again I am not sure if the website is completely factual however it brings up many good points about avoiding dangerous animals.

    World Most Dangerous Animals

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  3. Having a vegetarian diet requires you to exclude all poultry and beef from your every day intake. So it is known to be “unhealthy” because you do miss a great portion of protein and other essential vitamins. In this article it explains several benefits to being a vegetarian and why it is healthy. Many do not realize the actual benefits that it has on your health. For example cholesterol is very high in most meats and can cause many health problems. When you do not eat meat you have a great decrease in your risk of heart attacks. I am a vegetarian and I support it to its fullest. Many people tell me that I will die and they literally tell me this because I miss so much of what I’m supposed to get to retain my health from meats but I feel that I am very healthy and more than I have ever been because of these benefits.



  4. The article I chose was about the top 10 worst natural disasters in the US. This article interested me because I hadn’t even heard of most of the events. Not even the #1 event. I however was surprised by the #1 event. I thought it would have been hurricane Katrina, seeing how we are still trying to recover 5 years later. I also think that even though we live in the US, I’m guessing most people haven’t heard of these events either. The range of natural disasters is from fires, hurricanes, and floods.

    natural disasters


  5. The topic that I chose for the project is the most powerful Pokemon in the world. Until recently it was common for people to say that Mew and Mewtwo were the most powerful pokemon in the world. Mewtwo is a pokemon that was genetically engineered in a laboratory to be the most powerful pokemon. A team of scientists wanted to create an ultimate pokemon that could beat any other pokemon that it came in contact with. Mew was a legendary pokemon that wasn't seen for hundreds of years. It was rumored to be a super powerful psychic pokemon that could out smart and beat any foe. Mew was also rumored to be extremely intelligent and wise so it could out think any pokemon. Mew didn't like to fight if it didnt have to though. When Mewtwo broke out of the laboratory it was created in it went on a rampage and fought many pokemon. Mewtwo hid on a deserted island and controlled many pokemon with its mind. Mewtwo felt lonely because it was the only pokemon in the world that was created in a laboratory so it made a lab in a mountain and made pokemon in it. Mewtwo made almost every known Pokemon in the lab so mewtwo could be happy and be surrounded by similiar pokemon. Mew came out of the ocean when it heard of the creation of the pokemon and confronted Mewtwo. Mewtwo had heard of Mew and wanted to battle Mew to see who was the best and most powerful. After a long and hard battle that ended in a draw Mewtwo realized that he could be beat. Mewtwo felt relieved and flew off in his mystic psychic cloud of laboratory created pokemon to another remote island that has not been found.
    Recently a new powerful legendary pokemon has been discovered. The name of the pokemon is Arceus. Arceus is a legendary rock type pokemon with many powers. It is maxed out in every fighting ability and could beat Mew and Mewtwo if it wanted to. What makes Arceus powerful is its ability to change the rock like plates on its body to resist the attacks of the type of pokemon it is fighting. Normal pokemon have weaknesses to some types of pokemon. For example, a fire type pokemon is weak to a water type. Arceus has the ability to change the outer plates on its body so it is resistant and immune to any type of pokemon it runs in to. Arceus lives at the Hall of Origin, which can only be accessed by use of the Azure Flute at Spear Pillar. It seems to live in a wide dimension of stars and galaxies as well. Arceus also has the rare ability to use attacks from a wide variety of pokemon. Normal rock type pokemon can only use rock type attacks but not Arceus. Arceus can also change colors. Arceus is truly the most powerful pokemon ever!



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