Monday, May 17, 2010

Final blog project

This will be the final blog project of the year. For this project you have two options:
  1. You will discuss something that you found particularly interesting that you learned this year because of the class. This could be a fact you came across in class or something that you found through these blogs projects. You will can write about that here. If you like, you may link to some Internet pages that add to this information.
  2. You can start some review. You should find a topic from the year and put together a review sheet. This must be an original work, and cannot simply be a copy of material that is already out there. You may set up a diagram or flow sheet for your information. If you cannot easily digitize it, hand it into your teacher and I will get it done. You can also organize the notes for a particular section. This should not simply be a collection of facts, but should be organized in a way to facilitate understanding the information.
Please write this in a word processor first, and then when the spelling and formatting is good you can cut and paste it. If you have a ppt or other document that you want to post, intact, hand it in and I will prepare it for you. The grading for this project is open ended, meaning you can earn considerable extra credit, but will be based on effort. IT is fairly easy to notice work that took some time from things that are dashed off with consideration only for completion.

This project must be completed by Sunday 6/6/2010. If you completed the previous May project it will earn extra credit. If you did not complete the previous project, but do a particularly noteworthy job on this it also may earn some extra credit.


  1. What I found interesting in chemistry this year was that you could change the molecular structure of an object to make it into something completely different. Hundreds of years ago in the renaissance, scientists called alchemists, tried to convert other elements into gold. Up until the last 50 years there was very limited success in the turning other elements into gold. The number of protons in an atom cannot be changed by chemical means so scientists have tried to develop other means of changing other elements into gold. Scientists today use particle accelerators to create new elements and isotopes of old elements. Although this actually can be done, it is more expensive to create gold using this new method then the actual price of gold.

  2. This year has been very interesting as well as challenging. The world of chemistry is a wild thing and I have learned some very interesting facts. One of the interesting facts I learned this year is how batteries work. I have always used batteries in everything from toys to cell phones. They are everywhere and when you stand back and really think about how many things are powered by batteries it is impressive. I have always taken the battery for granted and I have wondered how a little cylinder with a bunny rabbit on it can make my tooth brush work or make a car drive. I was very interested when we learned about how batteries operate with the salt bridge, cathodes, anodes and the different kinds of metals. Just the part about the different metals was very interesting to me. It was interesting to learn that the farther apart the metals are from each other on table J, the better the battery will be.
    One other interesting thing I learned this year is the seemingly endless possiblities of elements, compounds, and matter. It is beyond amazing to me that you can take a compound and take away a few electrons or change a few things around and before you know it there is an entirely different substance. I can't believe how you can take one element with its own unique characteristics and add a few protons and electrons and create a different element. I also learned that manganese is a real thing and not just a made up word. Im not sure when or where I first heard the word but until this year I assumed it was fake.
    The last thing I want to mention is how I learned to keep an open mind about the world around me. There are many topics in chemisty that challenge what I believe could be real or possible. This class taught me to be open minded about the things I learn in school.

    Jimmy Sullivan Block 3

  3. Throughout this year in Chemistry there have been topics I have learned that have been particularly interesting to me. However one of the more fascinating things I have found out about science in general came from one of the chemistry projects I completed. For that project we viewed a certain video on an internet website called we had to find another video that we found to be interesting to us and I found this particular website to be very fascinating. In 1984 when the site began it provided videos from three categories, Technology, Entertainment and lastly Design however since then it had expanded its categories. To this day I will still go on that website and view new videos that I believe are interesting. From this website I have learned things on many new topics including things from driving techniques and videos claming that school kills creativity to things like digital recreations and the environment. There are truly videos on this website about every aspect in life and while not all the videos are interesting you can always find so many on that will fit what you are interested in.

    Philip Diegel Block: 3-A