Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Element 117 discovered.

The last project explored whether certain scientific claims were, in fact, truthful. This project looks at the culmination of a long process to "create" element #117.

For this project, you should read the article. Write a paragraph about one of the aspects discussed: the process of the making of 117, magic numbers, radioactivity, or stability. Paragraphs should be at least three well constructed sentences. Feel free to ask for additional information from them or to call them and question them about their product.

Then you should find an additional article about the aspect that you discussed in the previous paragraph and link to that and write a well constructed 3 sentence paragraph about that information, and how it added to your understanding of the material.

Make sure you put your ID and class section on your work. This project is due by midnight Sunday, 5/2. Remember that you need to do either this or the previous project. If you do both projects one will count for extra credit.

Spelling counts. Please do your project in a word processor and then cut and paste it into the comment box. Sloppy work really doesn't save you time, and it there are glaring spelling errors you will lose credit.

If you have problems, email me at aphsbio at gmail.com. Please tell me exactly what your problem was including any error messages.

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  1. Recently scientists in Tennessee, created the first occurrence of element 117 on our planet. This element is such a breakthrough because when the 117 decayed into 115 and eventually into 113 and 111, 113 lasted over 100 times longer than the previous recorded isotopes, about 30 seconds. Scientists hope that this data will help pave the way for the stable "superheavys" to come in the future. My suggestion for the name of this element Drbeinium.

    beyond weird...
    I am not too sure if all the information on this site is the truth but it seems somewhat right and i thought it was interesting. Apparently a "ultra secret" organization named "Black World" created a aircraft capable of manipulating gravity and space/time. According to this article an alien craft found at S4 runs on Ununpentium as fuel. I’m pretty sure this article is fake but it was interesting to read and a good waste of 10 minutes.

  2. In recent studies scientist have created a new element, element 117 but currently does not have a name. To create this element they needed a starting material known as Berkelium, which is very hard to obtain and expensive. They used the process of “Hot Fusion” to create this element. Finding element 117 is a break-through because it decayed into elements 115, 113 and 111 which made them more stable and gave them longer lifetimes.

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    Element 118 or ununoctium is the heaviest known element. It took two months of shooting calcium ions into element 98 or Californium to create this element. “Most of them just go right though the target and don’t do anything” said Mark Stoyer, but luckily a few rare collisions is what created element 118. These atoms only survived for a millisecond, but enough for scientist to know its there.

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  3. The newest addition to the periodic table is the super heavy element called element 117. The element does not have a real name as of now though. The element was synthesized at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia.In order to make the new element the scientists needed the starting material called Berkelium which is highly radioactive. It took hundreds of hours and eleven refueling cycles of the reactor to make the needed amount of Berkelium from the element curium. The element was made for only a fraction of a second in the reactor and is now known as element 117.

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    This article explains how scientists detect a new element that is made even if it only lasts a fraction of a second before disintegrating.When a heavy element disintegrates, or decays, it gives off a radiation signature that can be used to prove that it had existed. The three main types of radiation emitted are alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays. Alpha emissions are also used to determine a new element. All of this material has shown me what it takes to make a new element and how the element is even noticed after it is made.

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  4. Scientists have recently created the super heavy element known as element 117 which was only created for a fraction of a second. The element was created as the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia. This new element currently does not have a name but is being referred as element 117. To make this new element scientists needed the very expensive and very hard to find material known as Berkelium. It took many hours and 11 refueling cycles of the reactor to make this Berkelium. Scientists used the process of hot fusion in order to create this element new to the periodic table family known only as element 117 right now.

    Element 118

    The article explains how scientists created the super-heavy element 118. Scientists from Lawrence Livemore National Laboratory have welcomed the newest super-heavy element known as element 118. Scientists used atomic decay patterns to create the element 118. These patterns showed that the previously observed element 116 is produced from the alpha decay of element 118. Researchers said they produced three atoms of element 118 by bombarding a californium target with calcium ions. Element 118 is expected to be a noble gas that will be located under radon on the periodic table of elements.

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